White Marble Heavy Resistance Band

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Product Description -

White Marble Fabric Resistance Band. Contains Latex. Strength: Heavy. Hand washable. Blend of polyester, cotton, latex & rubber. Rubbed logo. 

This style band has a heavy resistance, providing extra tension and more resistance for a heavier workout. Up your workout and enhance the heat with this band. It’s strong! 

Our booty bands come in a fabric drawstring bag so  they can be transported around easily with you, and fit neatly in your bag. 

Numerous exercises can be carried out using our amazing bands. Please ensure to provide your email at checkout when purchasing our bands, so we can provide you with our FREE booty band guide. 

Weight: 40-50Lbs

Length: 13”


Our FREE guide provides numerous exercises, including a workout guide within. We also provide a care guide on how to care for your booty band, and when / how often a booty band should / can be used. 

Feel free to email us direct with any questions you may have, with regards to exercising with our bands or any general advice. 

Please note: Our bands cannot be returned or exchanges due to personal hygiene reasons.